I was born in Karlovy Vary on the 13th of September 1958. From 1962 onwards I lived in the
town of Litvínov. Here I attended the gymnasium. After that I studied at the Pedagogic High
School of Litoměřice. From 1993 to 2002 I worked as a teacher in preschool education. Today
I’m living and creating in the village of Lom near Most.
I started painting already as a school child. In the eighties I discovered naïve art. First of all I
created miniatures but in the course of time I ventured more and more to larger formats.
Today I devote myself completely to plastic art and work as painter in free profession.
I spent a very important part of time on the cooperation with the "Docela velké divadlo", the
"Very large theatre" in the town of Litvínov. I created a lot of scene decorations, among them
also often for performances of fairy tales.
In the year 2000 I received the first prize at one of the fairs of Brno for the creation of a plastic relief model of the Most
region. In the town of Jihlava I won the first prize in a country wide competition of the project "healthy feeding". I
designed illustrations for a child book and the cover of the CD "Welcome to Most" and also for a leporello for the
"Schola Humanitas" in Litvínov. Furthermore I created a user’s manual for the double entry bookkeeping and the cover
for the CD of the folk group "Stráníci".
It was me a pleasure to support with my illustrations the renovation of the castle of Ahníkov near the town of
Chomutov as well as activities against an endless coal mining in the region of Most.
My paintings can be found in private collections in the Czech Republic as well as in Germany, Denmark, France,
Canada, the USA, Japan and in South Africa.
I paint what I like. I discover landscapes, small towns and people. Inspiration lies everywhere for me. I take
photographs of several town views, I stroll around the country and take notes from the atmosphere around me. I’m
especially interested in the feelings of lonely women and the connections between men and women.
I am a self-educated person and with regard to perspectives and compositions I do not feel committed to any
conventions. I play with colours, mix them and search for different shades. Once I am inspired by something poetical
another time by something satirical or it is tenderness or something erotic that strikes me. I pay attention to the
ordinary, to the natural and dedicate my interest always to the detail.
Since 2004 I always participated at the symposium of sculptors in Boleboř near Chomutov. Hereby I prefer to work with
wood and therefore I learned how to use chain-saw and chisel. So I produced several sculptures of more than two
meters height.
In 2007 I started to play with the abstract. Here I experience unimagined excitement and adventure. I am especially
interested to see how the visitors will react. The same excitement and pleasure do I feel when I work with ceramics
and potteries. I create mainly things which are not really of use to someone but only to be watched and to be
Sylva Prchlíková